Itrios™. Where data meets intelligence.

Generate smart, targeted,
email communications
and intelligent messages
driven by intelligent rules.

Optimize and automate
tedious or complex IT
processes; conserve
valuable staff resources.

Gain more control over
your data by infusing
intelligence into daily,
data-management tasks.

Get more done in less    time, reduce scripting, increase efficiency, shorten project timelines.

Intelligently integrate
databases, spreadsheets,
data files, web services,
and third-party software.

How It's Used

Third-Party Software Integration

The Problem.
Integrating and interconnecting to specialty software, whether that software is installed locally or accessed as software-as-a-service over the Web, is an extremely challenging process. The complexity of formatting and integrating data to these systems can be enough to negate the potential cost-benefit of a new service.

The Solution.
itDuzzit serves as a universal adapter, bridging IT environments (such as internal business databases or enterprise IT systems) with third-party, software products (such as payroll, sales management, business intelligence, and data mining systems).

With its drag-and-drop builder, itDuzzit eliminates the need for complex API programming, and intelligently translates and formats data for third-party products. Committed to expanding its existing interface library, Itrios continues to add new integration points to the standard itDuzzit library.