Itrios™. Where data meets intelligence.

Intelligently integrate
databases, spreadsheets,
data files, web services,
and third-party software.

Generate smart, targeted,
email communications
and intelligent messages
driven by intelligent rules.

Optimize and automate
tedious or complex IT
processes; conserve
valuable staff resources.

Gain more control over
your data by infusing
intelligence into daily,
data-management tasks.

Get more done in less    time, reduce scripting, increase efficiency, shorten project timelines.

How It's Used

Smart Data Mapping and Conversion

The Problem.
Taking data from one source or many, and formatting it per another system or application, can be a tedious and lengthy process. You need to merge incompatible data and unify many sources into one.

The Solution.
itDuzzit makes data mapping easy. Display one or many input data sources on one palette; line-up one or many output destination data sources on another. Then, with a no-scripting tool, drag and drop input data fields onto a mapping palette and associate the input data to the targeted destination. That's it. You've mapped your data in just minutes. And if you need to inspect the input data or perform a bit of intelligent tweaking on it before mapping, itDuzzit offers a wide variety of rule-driven transformations that create complex conversions.

itDuzzit simplifies business-to-business, data-exchange activities, such as customer-records management or multi-vendor data integration. It also makes it easy to create a single data base from multiple, incompatible files. Using its simple but powerful user interface, you can design and manage enterprise rules in a central repository.