Itrios™. Where data meets intelligence.

Intelligently integrate
databases, spreadsheets,
data files, web services,
and third-party software.

Generate smart, targeted,
email communications
and intelligent messages
driven by intelligent rules.

Optimize and automate
tedious or complex IT
processes; conserve
valuable staff resources.

Gain more control over
your data by infusing
intelligence into daily,
data-management tasks.

Get more done in less    time, reduce scripting, increase efficiency, shorten project timelines.

How It Works

Installation - Cloud Hosting at vs. Onsite Instance

Itrios provides the itDuzzit solution in two ways, catering to an organization's specific requirements:

  • A Cloud Hosted solution at; the preferred choice for most organizations, use of the hosted solution allows a business to get started within minutes, and can scale to accommodate even the most demanding application scenarios.
  • A locally installed itDuzzit instance (installed at a customer's site or in a customer's private cloud); this may be a desired approach for companies that wish to extend rules analysis to internal data that is not accessible from the cloud.

Whether your needs recommend a local installation on a server, or whether we are helping you to use the hosted version, we are committed to a fast, efficient process that meets your needs.