Itrios™. Where data meets intelligence.

Intelligently integrate
databases, spreadsheets,
data files, web services,
and third-party software.

Generate smart, targeted,
email communications
and intelligent messages
driven by intelligent rules.

Optimize and automate
tedious or complex IT
processes; conserve
valuable staff resources.

Gain more control over
your data by infusing
intelligence into daily,
data-management tasks.

Get more done in less    time, reduce scripting, increase efficiency, shorten project timelines.

How It Works

Designing Actions

Actions are the do something aspect of itDuzzit rules. Actions can be as simple as sending a notification email, or as complex as generating a new set of data files. The combination of itDuzzit rules conditions and itDuzzit actions creates a very flexible environment for users.

Itrios is constantly adding new actions to itDuzzit, and you can also "publish" your own rules as actions. This allows you to use rules as building blocks within other rules, enabling implementation of extremely sophisticated scenarios that integrate your internal data with data in the cloud.