Itrios™. Where data meets intelligence.

Intelligently integrate
databases, spreadsheets,
data files, web services,
and third-party software.

Generate smart, targeted,
email communications
and intelligent messages
driven by intelligent rules.

Optimize and automate
tedious or complex IT
processes; conserve
valuable staff resources.

Gain more control over
your data by infusing
intelligence into daily,
data-management tasks.

Get more done in less    time, reduce scripting, increase efficiency, shorten project timelines.

Product Capabilities

Intelligent Communication

Organizations today seek to create increasingly targeted content. For Itrios, this means being able to tap into a wide range of data sources in order to dynamically synthesize the right message – be that for an email campaign, a newsletter, a social network feed, or a web page. But to get the maximum focus, Itrios provides rules that do more than simple personalization offered by today’s tools.

Itrios' itDuzzit software supports designing messages that “mash-up” data from a customers profile record, together with data available on the web, such as the weather in their zip code, or a web service that knows the traffic in their neighborhood. By being able to fully leverage “the cloud” of universal data, together with pin-pointed rules, we can craft communications as never before.

For example, with no scripting required, you can create a process to draw data from customer data files, apply rules to dynamically construct a targeted message, and email the customized message. Further, itDuzzit can automate the posting of dynamic content to email lists, social network feeds, blogs and web services. This gives you the ability to publish content to numerous delivery channels in a single step, saving time and delivering on the promise of intelligent communication.